Information sources

Digitized information existed for decades in the travel industry, even before the existence of the Internet as we know it. Global Distribution Systems always occupied a central rol, providing interfaces with hundreds of details about their PNR. Unluckily most system providers got used to discard part of those rich interfaces, loosing valuable information for the industry.

Last decade there was an explosion of many other data sources, BSPLink provides BSP resume in PDF format, many travel operators count with webservices, most governments have implemented digital documents for invoicing, salary payments or accounting. Travel agencies need more interfaces and they also need to provide more data to other actors, like PRISM or Amex EBTA.

Global Distribution Systems: Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport

All GDS count with a file-based interface, every time a PNR is created or modified, a new interface file arrives to travel agency with PNR information. This information is processed and prepared to be analysed or compared with other sources. More details.

Note: iBIP can connect to GDS with alternatives ways like webservices, screenscrapping or other export files available.

BSPLink files

BSP resumes are usually donwloaded form BSPLink site, they are in PDF format and they contain useful comercial information. More detailes.

Backoffice files or database connections

Connection to backoffices are implemented in two ways depending on the each system. First method is to read Backoffice output from export files or reports, the second, and recommended, is to connect to BackOffice database and extract data directly form the system. Ask support about your current BackOffice to know more details. More information.

More file sources

Additional data sources can be used, generic text files, outpus form other systems like Amadeus UETTR, Sabre DQB, MIDT or BIDT formats, ARC, Microsoft Excel Files or some BackOffice outputs.

Applet file sources (optimizing reading)

A very useful data source is an iBIP Applet, because applets can store files and they can be data providers for other applets.