iBOS compared with iBIP

Both products give you more control of your company and increase your profit. But you may already have current systems and only you can decide the convenience to replace or improve them. We can help you to decide and give you a solution for both scenarios.

iBIP is the best decision when you feel confortable with you current business software or you think it is not the best moment to change your whole system platform. iBIP cohabits perfectly with other systems, even with other BI systems, improving processes and renewing current system capabilities. Most clients lacks of business information and iBIP can solve most of those problems. Instant implementation, just run the setup and start using your new BI.

iBOS is the complete and "state of the art" business solution for travel companies, a full feature software that solves all processes of the company in a unique and consistent system. Anyway its implementation takes longer than iBIP, about one month, including pilot, training, migration and interfaces setup.

Business Intelligence Platform
Business Operating System
 Need To improve your current systems and processes with more control. To replace your current systems for one and full integrated solution.
Type  Software Platform with hundreds solutions covering a wide range of domains and interfaces. Software Application to organize and control in one place most areas of a travel company.
Implementation Desktop application, server application or client-server, depending on the use.Client-server applicaction connected to a relational database.
 Business IntelligenceFull BI capabilities.Full BI capabilities.
InterfacesGDSs, BSP and most used data sources form travel industry.GDSs, BSP and most used data sources form travel industry.
Web Server capabilitiesFull supportFull support (for corporate clients)
BSP reconciliationComparing and analysis tools. Comparing, analysis tools and applying differences.
Clients(CRM) and Providers managment -Full support
Invoicing and Billing -Full support. Invoices, Remissions, Recepits, Payments, etc.
Accounting -Full support and integration with management system.
Workflow -Full support
Fares management -Fares input and searching
Sales -Full support, connected to service providers.