iBIP: Business Intelligence Platform

Ready, easy, affordable!!

iBIP is a Business Intelligence Platform for the travel industry, easy to install and ready to use from the first day. It is a simple and affordable solution for common and specific travel company needs of any size. Connected to most information sources of the industry, iBIP can analyze and combine information form GDS, BSP, BackOffice systems and most information sources with a minimal setup.


Integrated to your systems

Integrated to your  front, mid and/or back office systems, BSP files, Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport), PRISM, Amex and a wide range of data sources related to travel companies.


Discovering your company

The most important asset that travel companies have is information. Today companies are mostly automated with a GDS, a back office and, in some cases, with a mid office solution. These systems produce data, iBIP can read and understand the data to produce information for business intelligence.


Simple and ready to use, 3 steps:

1) Install iBIP

2) Drag & Drop your files

3) Use a powerfull BI

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