iBIP - Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology to analyse, visualize and understand information. BI encompasses a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable organizations to collect data from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to corporate decision makers as well as operational workers.

Implementation steps

1) Identify and understands user needs.

2) Find, analyse and understand data sources, mostly from production systems.

3) Develop an interface or migration process to move organized data to the BI database (datawarehouse).

4) Create reports, dashboards, datacubes and other analysis tools.

iBIP difference!!!

With iBIP the first three steps are already solved!!,  saving the most expensive and time-consuming taks. Product licenses does not impact highly on the total cost of a BI system, the real cost is in consulting hours.  Mainstream BI system are designed for any kind of industry and in order to meet project goals the consultants must understand all details about tickets, segments, routes, fares, taxes, BSP, GDS and that is a huge task

But iBIP is done by travel industry people, with all interfaces ready to use, with a complete understanding of the information. iBIP can be use "as is" and it can also be use to feed a mainstream BI system to save consulting time on the development of interfaces.

Unique Traceability, up to the original source.

iBIP allows unique traceability in the analysis process. All graphs, data cubes, reports or any widget that show information can inspect its elements, how they were built and the original file sources that originated them. This functionality is very important to understand your data and to trust in your BI.