iTUI: Travel Universal Interface

iBIP can act as a raw interface to your own backoffice or BI system

All the experience in GDS records and travel companies information is available to feed other systems, some known uses are:

1) Add a GDS interface to a BackOffice, Works with Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.

2) Add a new GDS to your current system, for example an agency that works with Sabre decides to work with Amadeus.

3) Add BSP data to your current backoffice, iBIP can read and understands BSP PDF files, their can be copy to your own system to future analysis or reconciliation.

4) Enhance your current interface with PreTicketing, routes analysis, flown information and all PNR or extrenal. Use iBIP years of experience in GDS files parsing.

5) Provide data to your own BI system, if you have Cognos, Microstrategy, Oracle BO, QView or any other comercial system you con use iBIP interfaces to load your warehouse database.

Tables interface

iBIP convert complex GDS files into records inserted in databse tables!!!

iTUI automatically generates all tables in your production or analysis database, then it waits for the files and insert records in real time in the database tables, when GDS files are read the tables inserted are: PNRTicket, PNRAirSegment, PNRAirRoute, PNRCarService, PNRHotelService, PNRTravelFile and InterfaceLog. When BSP files are added, only BSPItem and InterfaceLog are affected.

Stored Procedures interface

iBIP can called your self-generated stored procedure and give you full control.

iTUI automatically generates all stored procedure to let your backoffice programmer decide what to do when records arrives to the interface. Every time a new file arrives to the interface, iBIP calls these stored procedures with all parameters read from the PNR record. This method let you decide how to impact the backoffice or BI system and to validate the data before entering.

Views Interface for Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports or any reporting tool

In addition to the generated tables and stored procedures, iTUI can generate VIEWS with translated and more meangfull field names with the intention to be query from external tools like Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports or any other reporting tool.

Integrated interface

Some backoffices has a dedicated and ready to use iBIP interface (ask support). For these special cases, iTUI reads GDS files and impact in BackOffice model data, usually generates invoices, travel files, sales order, recepits and evey document needed to complete processes. BSP reconciliation can be implemented in the same way.