Getting all form your GDS files

GDS files (AIR, IUR, TAIR, MIR) contains hundreds of data fields, most of them are discarded by Backoffices or BI systems. Informagine read most of them in the first layer and includes the GDS documentation to give you full control of your information. After that, next parser layers interpret that information and construct higher leve entities to be uses by iBIP engines or iBOS. This inspector can be used in any moment from any system, including Windows Explorer.

Raw PNR to high level tickets, segments, routes, hotels, cars and travel files.

Your GDS files are a great source of information that iBIP helps to understand. Because sometimes you need to analyse all your tickets, but sometimes you need to fully understand one of them.


From every window, datacube or report, original sources can be inspected to check how they are composed.