Back-Office enhancements

If you want to empower your (probably old) BackOffice system, iBIP can help in many ways:

Connecting to Back-Office data to analyse and compare with other sources


Depending on the BackOffice, the connection is possible with a database connection, a report output or a specific interface. In the sample screenshot there is an ODBC connection to a popular BackOffice from Colombia and Venezuela.

Then it is possible to compare your data with external data as BSP files, GDS records or others sources.

Ask support for you specific BackOffice system


Put your GDS and BSP data into your backoffice system with a generic GDS interface!!! (new!!)

If your BackOffice system needs GDS records or improve its own interface, then iBIP can do the job. iBIP can transform complex GDS files into normalized tables, see more in: iTUI (Travel Universal Interface)