iBIP Applets

What is an applet?

An applet is a single solution for a specific problem, contains widgets and data in a similar way as Excel have workbooks. An applet is a very simple application or system, easy to use and modify, to solve a unique problem, for example: BSP reconciliation or traffic analysis. 

Using applets is an efficient way to split complexity in simple and isolated modules, each applet is built for different types of users. iBIP also counts with an ADK (Applet Development Kit) for more specific solutions.

Applets library, a solutions collection.

iBIP is installed with a set of standard applets designed for most common uses. There are applets for ticket analysis, bsp analysis and reconciliation, air segments, cars, hotels and may other users.

Important: When installing iBIP, the country must be set in order to have the correct applets for your country

Applets as a data sources container

Applets can contain data, files of any kind and they can be used as data source for another applet.