iBIP - Technical details

iBIP is:

A desktop application: As any office application like Excel or Word, iBIP can work in a single computer without network connection as a full and ready to use software.

A server interface: Add a GDS or BSP interface to your own accounting, backoffice or BI system. 

A Web application: iBIP includes its own web server to share your data with any device with web browsing capabilities, your desktop becomes a web server in one click.

A solutions library: Default installation comes with more than one hundred solutions (named applets) for most common needs.

A software development tool (SDK): With en integrated GUI environment (WYSIWYG), iBIP Applet Development Kit (ADK) allows developer to construct more sophisticated solutions.

Fast document reading and storage


About 200 GDS files per second for the first read and no waiting time for next read. iBIP solutions can store thousands of files with minimal memory or disk usage, their size is less than any file compressor as ZIP or RAR formats, and this is useful for storing or sending by mail.


Unique and exclusive In-Memory information processor


Fast and reliable data analysis allows small desktop computer to process complex data as a powerfull data server. When information is entered in iBIP it is compacted, compressed, factorized, organized and classified for instant access and computing. Best technology for BI processing engines.

Built-in Software Development Kit (ADK)


With an integrated GUI environment (WYSIWYG), iBIP Applet Development Kit (ADK) allows developer to construct more sophisticated solutions. A subset of Smalltalk programming language can be embedded into dynamic documents to produce unlimited solutions.


Built-in web server


All iBIP solutions can be published as a webservice with a dynamic and built-in server without additional installation. Al mobile devices can connect to the host any time, all iBIP installations can acts as hosts.

Supported platforms

iBIP can work in any version of Microsoft Windows, even in small or old computers. Apple MacOS versión is also available (beta) with same functionality as Windows version. Mobile devices like smart phones, tablets or Smart TVs (recommended!) can access using thier web browsing capabilities.

Supported interfaces

Most version of Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport interface records for air tickets, air segments, air routes, hotels and car reservations (ask support for a specific GDS version), BSP files from all Latin American countries and the Caribbean and some specific data sources as ARC files, AmexEBTA files, PRISM, Amadeus UETTR, MIDT/BIDT and more than twenty proprietary  data formats. For database synchronized connections there are interfaces for Microsoft SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access and Sybase. For interfaces with a Backoffice ask support.

Google integration

In addition with iBIP ADK widget gallery integrates easily all Google API widgets, Google maps or Google Earths API into your reports.