Air tickets analysis

Travel companies must understand everything about their tickets, including:
1) All data details included in PNRs.
2) Preticketing information.
3) Exchanges and void situations.
4) Flown or non flown states.

The complete history of each ticket must be visible in any analysis, from the ticket reservation, the following exchanging or cancellation, and after that, it should be known if it was flown.

Details are important


iBIP is able to extract every piece of information form your GDS files, check the GDS File Inspector included in iBIP.


History is important

Per-Ticketing capabilities allows travel companies to understand all reservations are about to be emitted. All files are processed and organized in version to understand the history of each air ticket.

Everything is important

A GDS file contains information about tickets, segments, routes, fares and taxes. Understanding every piece of data is essential to travel companies.

Exchanges and cancellations

Tickets can also be void or exchanged, iBIP can keep track of everything, and find what is important.


Using Amadeus UETTR combined with travel agency sources, all life cycle of a ticket can be traced and analysed.