Programmable Widgets

Advanced programming can be used to solve more specific needs, iBIP counts with a dynamic reports compiler that allows to embed scripts connected to data in the same way ASP or PHP programmers develop dynamic sites.

Dynamic reports (web applications)

A dynamic report can be designed in an external tool, for example an HTML editor (Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.) and then add scripts into it for dynamic content.

Limitless power for any kind of output:


1) Desgin your report in you own tool

The picture show an example of a an html page designed in FrontPage, but any tool can be used. 


2) Embed scripting code in between <%...%>

Dynamic contents, connected to the data engine is written between tags in the same way ASP or PHP does. 


3) Set report in iBIP

Copy dynamic html in a Report Widget and iBIP interpreter will do the rest. 

Note: This work in webserver mode.